Behind the Scenes of "Skeleton"

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Welcome to Behind the Scenes! Here I share with you my artist statements, discussing the intention of each shoot, along with my process, inspiration and challenges I've faced. I hope these posts bring viewers closer to understanding and interpreting art, while simultaneously getting to know me and my work.


Model: Cass Hazel

Photographer & Body Painter: Kas Rea Visual Arts

Studio: CG Imaging

"Skeleton" was one of my earlier body painting photo shoots, taken in 2016. At this point in my artist life, I had only painted a small handful of people, most of which were mainly women and children. I wanted to expand my audience, so I asked my friend Cass to come into the studio. Using the skeleton, I wanted to show people a slightly darker and more serious side of art. In addition, I also thought these photos may be good for Halloween body painting promotion. I had been watching the Nightmare Before Christmas, so perhaps this is where the skeleton inspiration came from, although it is not intended to be a representation of Jack Skellington.

As seen in the images above, I edited the photos mainly using a monochromatic colour pallete, with plenty of tones of black, white grey and dull blues and greens. I chose this pallete for two reasons. Firstly, Cass has naturally red hair and beard, which was a tad distracting to the body paint. The monochromatic pallete helped tone the hair colour down. Secondly, when I think of a skeleton I think of death, darkness, and coldness, which the monochromatic colours accentuates. To add a punch of fierceness, I put in red eyes in some of the shots. To me and many other artists I know, the eyes draw you in and have the ability to show how a person is feeling. In these photos, I wanted a sense of anger, power, mystery and perhaps even sorrow. When I get behind the camera, I want to tell a story, or sometimes the story comes to me after the shoot. In this case, the story came after the shoot, and what I see when I look at "Skeleton" is a fictional character who is surviving in a post-apocalyptic world, and is somewhat of a bad-ass.

This photo shoot was a lot of fun. Cass's partner, Gen is a lifelong friend and she came into the studio that day, along with a photography friend Scotty. The shoot was relaxed, we all flowed well working together and I am also quite happy with the final results.

Thanks for reading! I'd love to hear your thoughts, drop me a comment below.

- Kas Rea Visual Arts


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