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About this print:

- 9x12 inches (C$50)

- Matte

- Borderless

- Verticle

- Printed on archival cardstock paper


This piece was created during the time when COVID-19 first hit. Breathe, Despite it All  shows a strong woman who is resilient and facing her fears and uncertainty. 


This woman could be anyone from day to day life,  depicting her struggle and emotions while simultaneously highlighting her inner strength and wisdom. Like many women, she is not a victim or trapped in her own fears. She is not bound by rules of realism, nor is she fully abstract. She exists in her own realm, on her own terms. The washes, drips and textures are the artist's attempt to escape the chains of perfectionism and the limiting beliefs of the work never being good enough.


"When beginning this painting, I knew it was time in my career to attempt a deconstruction of what I perceived as high-quality, realistic portraiture. I often find myself trapped in striving for hyper-realism, yet frustrated and overwhelmed with outrageous details, lines, forms and colours. I wanted to break away from this rigidness and perfection and release the pressure I put on myself.


Every time I look at this painting I see someone who unleashes my inner strength, who reflects my struggles yet inspires me to take risks and face my vulnerabilities". - Kas Rea 

Breathe, Despite it All — Print