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About this print:

- 9x12 inches (C$50)

- Borderless

- Horizontal

- High resolution

- Printed on archival cardstock paper


The Battle Within is a dive into the unknown, into the depths of wonder and adrenaline. This was Kas's first paint-pouring piece, which is an approach to art-making that is difficult to control and predict.


"Prior to this piece, I had never taken such a risky leap into abstraction. I was nervous, excited and uncertain of the outcome and afraid of failure. However, while creating this painting, I felt suddenly at ease, it flowed effortlessly into the beauty that is seen before us. I am mesmerized by the intricate details that seem to flow into each other, endlessly. Every time I gaze upon this piece I discover a new form, a new line, that changes how I view the art. It appears there is a battle within, of light and dark that lives in all of us. However, it is not violent, it is natural for us to have these inner conflicts, and whichever side you feed, the shadow or the light is the one that wins". -Kas Rea

The Battle Within — Print