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Updated: Jun 19, 2020

I've really been moved by Alex Grey's work. He has made a successful career of making art and changing the world and how people see art and consciousness.

I am begin

ning to see and experience art in a new spiritual way. It's now become a way to practice non permanence and non attachment. To me, a new door has been opened where I can create and express what is inside of my soul onto a canvas or paper with less self judgement. I've begun to allow myself to let the creative life force flow freely through me and when I paint it's a mediative state. In the past I've been stuck on making "pretty artwork", where it has to "be" something, something good. But recently I've let that go, knowing and trusting that whatever I make will be good, and even if I don't totally love it the piece is still unique and beautiful in it's own way and it's the journey of the creation that counts, not just the end result. I've now been composing my own new art pieces of spiritual influences such as nature, the Buddha, and my loved ones.

Since I have been going down this new spiritual artistic path, I've also been happily creating more and more. I'm learning new techniques and am trying new things that I used to think I wasn't "good enough" for, or wasn't "ready" to do yet. But I am good enough, we are all good enough, and I am here doing what I love because I know it is my calling, it is my passion, it is my love and my life. I am not here to be good for anyone else but myself, and that self love and kindness are the first steps to loving and being kind to others, in order to help make this world a better place. Yes, I am uncertain about my future, and yes it is scary sometimes. Isn't it for everyeone? I am trusting myself and the universe that if I work hard at what I love, that eventually in some way or another, opportunities will present themselves and it is up to me to embrace them and say "yes I can do this." So whatever path you are walking, I just want to let you know that you have the power to make your visions become reality, and I believe in you.

For more information about Alex Grey click here.

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