An Introduction to Chalk Pastels

Welcome to my blog! Today I’ll be sharing with you the basics of chalk pastels, including different types of pastels, additional tools, surfaces and brands.

Chalk Pastel Sticks

  • These are sticks that are long rectangular blocks and come in a variety of colours.

  • Great for beginner to professional artists.

  • Sticks are great for covering bigger areas such as backgrounds.

  • Chalk pastels sticks are delicate. However, if they do break, you can still use them.

  • Come in the categories of hard or soft. The softer the pastel, the more smooth and easy to blend.

  • They typically come with a wrapper for each stick to protect your hands from getting messy.

  • I recommend not sharpening them, since they are not the same fit for a pencil sharpener.

Pencil Chalk Pastels

  • A pencil form of chalk pastels.

  • Great for beginner to professional artists.

  • These are excellent for smaller areas and details.

  • They can be sharpened with a pencil sharpener or an x-acto knife.

  • They are less messy compared to the sticks.