How to Use Coloured Pencils

Updated: Jul 8

Hey friends, welcome to my blog! Today I'll be sharing with you different techniques for coloured pencils (aka pencil crayons). Also, I'll give you some insight into some of my favourite brands that I use for my own artwork. This blog is for any creative person, whether you're a professional artist or just getting started on your artistic journey.

Woman artist holding pencil crayons
Artist Kas Rea

How to Hold Coloured Pencils

  • Hold your pencil in the middle or near the end. This encourages you to not put a lot of pressure on your coloured pencils, since too much pressure too quickly makes it difficult to erase and could potentially indent and damage the paper

  • Holding your pencil near the middle or end also allows you to make bigger marks on the paper

  • If you hold the pencil at a bit of an angle, it will be easier to colour big areas quickly and you won’t need to sharpen your pencil as often

A close up of a hand holding a blue pencil crayon. The background is simple and light