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Tools I'm Digging

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Here are some fun artist tools I am enjoying recently. As I work on new art pieces I go through phases of tools and I like experimenting with the new and old.

Oil Paints

I'm recently taking an oil painting class at the University Certificate of Art and Design (USCAD). I'm newer to oil painting, but so far am loving it. It allows me to catpure reaslitic textures and colours. I'm currently using Stevenson and Daniel Smith brands. I hightly recommend using oil paints if you have experienced acrylic and want to further your creative expression.

Acrylic Paints

I've been using acrylic paints most of my artistic life. They dry quickly, can handle layering and can have vibrant colours and added textures. I've recently been dabbling in the brand Golden Fluid Acrylics. They have an amazing, unique flow to them and shine beautifully. In my experience, they can be a little hard to control, so part of my process is letting go, releasing and enjoying the healing creativity.


Really, how can I not love cameras? They are a great way to freeze a moment and tell a story through crisp images. Recently I've been using my new Canon E0S Rebel T1i. I've been obsessed with photographing body paint I've created. I've worked with lovely models and other photographers. I am feeling very blessed. The images are turning out sharp, edgy and alive. I've also been doing more studio work in general and thanks to my mentor photogapher Scotty MacKay, I've been able to get comfortable using studio lights and equipment. To check out more photos I've taken, or to book a shoot, click here.

Art Boards

Masonite boards are great. I'm appreciating them now because they are sturdy, smooth to paint on and inexpensive. As an art instructor I notice students enjoy a durable, light weight surface that transports easliy. Masonite board can be found at hardware stores and art stores, so it's not hard to find! Great for any art level.

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